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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turms Elite?
Turms Elite is an exclusive club membership program for an ultimate online shopping experience.
What are the benefits of Turms Elite Membership?
The Elites are eligible for a flat 30% discount sitewide, easy 30 days exchange,exclusive collections and priority delivery. Elite membership can also be shared with your friends and family.
How to get 30% discount after buying membership?
Use your elite code at checkout page to avail flat 30% discount. Your elite code will be sent on email and sms on purchase of membership. You can also check it on my account section.
How many times can I use my membership?
You can use membership for 4 orders a month, 10 orders in 3 months, 16 orders in 6 months, 24 orders a year. The maximum amount of order you can place with 3 months plan is Rs 30,000 before discount. For 6 months plan, the limit is Rs 50,000 and for 12 months plan, the limit is Rs 70000 before discount.
Can i use elite code and other discount codes at the same time?
No elite discounts cannot be clubbed with other discount codes and Turmscash.
What are the benefits on exchanges if I am an elite?
As our exchange policy, we offer a 15-day exchanges. For elites, we extended this limit to 30 days.
How can I share my membership with my friends and family?
Share your elite code with your friends and family, ask them to use your elite code at the checkout page.
What is the return policy if we use elite code in purchase?
As per our return policy, we offer easy 15 day returns.
Will i get Turmscash in orders placed using elite code?
No. You will not receive any turmscash on orders placed using elite code.