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When and how will I receive my Cashback?

Your cashback will be credited directly to your Turms Wallet and will become redeemable approximately 25 days after your order is confirmed (subject to the condition that you do not cancel or return the order).

How to ensure that I get the maximum TurmsCashback benefits while buying from Turms?

To get maximum benefits, place a Prepaid order instead of COD, as discounts and cashbacks on Prepaid orders are higher than that of COD Orders.

What products are eligible to redeem my TurmsCash on Turmswear.com?

Your TurmsCash is valid on ALL products on Turmswear.com.

What is meant by credit status pending and usable?

Once you place an order, cashback will appear in your Turms wallet as ‘Pending’. If your order has not been cancelled or returned within 15 days post-delivery, your TurmsCash status will change from ‘Pending’ to ‘Redeemable’ which means that you can now use this TurmsCash to pay for your orders at Turmswear.

How long is my TurmsCash amount valid for?

Your TurmsCash is valid for 90 days from the date it becomes redeemable.

How do I use my TurmsCash?

While purchasing any product at Turmswear, click on Redeem button at the checkout page to use your TurmsCash.

How much TurmsCash can I use in a single transaction?

You can use TurmsCash up to 600, in a single transaction. 1 unit of TurmsCash is equivalent to Re. 1..

Is there any limit to earning TurmsCash?

Yes. At any point in time, TurmsCash in your wallet cannot exceed 4,000.

Can I use a discount code and redeem TurmsCash at the same time?

No, TurmsCash cannot be clubbed with any other discount coupon.

I have redeemed my TurmsCash but not completed placing the order. My TurmsCash was still deducted; what should I do?

Don’t worry! Your TurmsCash deduction will be reversed within 15 to 20 minutes.