FAQ - Washcare, Technology and Turms

How can I wash my Turms apparel?

Wash your Turms like you would any premium cotton garment - gently, with an additive-free, mild detergent. Do not scrub, use bleach or dry clean as it may fragment the finishing on the apparel and reduce its efficiency. We recommend you iron the apparel post wash to perk up the treatment,

How safe is it for my skin and the environment?

The Turms collection is extremely safe for the skin and the environment! We have passed the most stringent tests available: REACH, OEKO-TEX, and have certifications from the Global Organic Textile Standard.

How does the technology work?

You can read about the tech in detail here.

Will Turms apparel repel and not absorb every single type of stain, dirt or liquid?

Turms apparel only repel water-based stains, like tea, coffee and wine. When such a liquid is spilled, it is advised to gently wipe it off with a tissue and some water. It will behave like a regular cotton garment when it comes to oil, grease or dirt, as the chemistry of these particles is different from water molecules.

How many wash cycles can Turms apparel go through before it loses its stain, liquid and odour repelling properties?

The garment industry estimates that cotton garments have a mean life time of 30 washes. Under lab conditions, the stain repellent, anti-odour properties of your Turms apparel reduce by 20% after 20 washes. To ensure the best possible longevity, please follow the wash care instructions.