• Faisal Ahmed

    I really like the product, keep up the good work and also you have best customers support.

  • Tushar Nanda

    Well I have shopped a lot of apparels from turms mostly all products have been good in quality and in fit..I have even returned my apparel which I did not like and the process was smooth. So I would like u all to give it a try specially their jeans they have a good stretch and are good though the oleophobic coating might go after few washes but the jeans remains intact which is ok.

  • Salman Khan

    I have buy 5 pants and 3 shirts from Turms, it's look nice and the quality of product is too good, after the one year it's look like a new.

  • Hemanth Sai Kumar

    Magical experience. I never thought this would be wonderful like this. My first and best water repellent shirt ever. Congrats team. 

  • Sanjay M R

    It's mainly about the Fabric, soft and very comfortable. The all day comfort of Chinos is just awesome that's my personal favourite.

  • Adarsh R Gowda

    I like Turmswear brand. Its fashion and style are good and reliable.I love to use its T-shirts more.
  • Rajiv Gupta

    "Have ordered the product and used it for days. I really liked the fit, color and fabric. Now I can wear and work all day long without worrying about any kind of stains. "
  • Jonathan James

    This is amazing! Saw the ad a few days back. I was so intrigued that I immediately placed an order, and I got it in 2 days. Love the fabric, the fit, and the stain resistant and odour-free properties! I'm thoroughly impressed, been spreading the word ever since. I'm definitely buying more, and a few of my friends are placing orders as well. Keep it going, Turms!
  • Anubhav Singh

    This is my second jeans from turmswear this week. The product is top notch at 2k. I tested it with water, tea and cold drink. It works like a charm. Great work turmswear, you have my vote. Will definitely refer to friends & family. Also, please introduce women’s jeans.
  • Indrajeet Singh

    Excellent cloth quality. The packaging was amazing too. Quick delivery. Worth the price. Highly recommended!
  • Tilak Jaiswal

    Ordered many jeans and tshirt, liked the quality of both. They offered a coupon that I applied on other products to get Rs.200 discount...
  • Bharat Singh

    About T-shirts:-
    1. Great fit and superb quality.
    2. Feels very comfortable to wear.
    3. Looks simple yet stylish and trendy.
    4. Its unique feature of water based stain repellency
    works great.
    All these at reasonable price.
    If someone prefers to wear t-shirts, then give these tees a try. I am quite happy and satisfied with it.
  • Nihun Suwer

    I have ordered for a t shirt and it was as I want it, the fabric is so soft and comfort and fit you perfectly.. Thank you turms, I will surely shop again soon
  • Sashi Reddy

    I myself use only Turmswear clothing because of the comfort and looks it has great design and better offer every month.

    So I will strictly recommend Turmswear to all the readers.

  • jaishwal

    Recently Found this Brand online...Looks very smart, fits well and is extremely comfortable to wear has lot of features... I strongly recommend everyone to try there products.