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Will Turms apparel repel and not absorb every single type of stain, dirt or liquid?

Turms apparel are stain repellent and NOT stain proof . It will probably absorb dirt, if it is rubbed or ground into the garment. Since that is not a particularly likely scenario, We can say that if you accidentally spill wine, coffee, or other water based liquid on your Turms apparel , it’s probably a good idea to sprinkle a few water drops on it, and soak with a tissue , or just shake it off.

What makes Turms apparel different from other clothing that claims to be repellent?

Most of the stain repellent clothings are made with petroleum-based synthetic materials (nylon, polyester, etc.), Turms apparel are 100% natural premium cotton, no synthetics and no nanoparticles. Our patent-pending technology, allows us to create natural fabrics and clothing that repel stains, liquids and odors, and have them retain the natural feel, soft touch, and breathability that most of us humans prefer.

How many times can I wear Turms apparel before I have to wash it?

Turms apparel has been wear- and performance-tested both in-house and by other private labs. It can repel most water based stains. Even if in case the water repellency is reduced after several washes, water based stain such as ketchup can still be removed by using water and wiping with tissue paper. As such,the apparel will need to be washed very few times , depending on just how much it has been worn and for what use.

Are there any special laundering instructions for ?

As with other premium cotton garments, we recommend washing the apparel in cold water with a mild detergent only (no bleach or no other additives). You can hang dry your apparel in light shade– our clothing does not need to be tumble dried to resist stains and odors. It is better to iron the apparel after washing to re enable the stain repellent properties of the apparel.

How many wash cycles can Turms apparel go through before it loses its stain, liquid and odor repelling properties?

The garment industry estimates that cotton garments have a mean life time of 30 to 40 washes. We estimate that your Turms garment’s superior stain/odor/liquid resistant properties should last you upto 20 washes, during which time the repellency may reduce. But stain removal properties for water based stain will still work even if the repellency is reduced.

Can Turms apparel be ironed without damaging the stain repellent properties?

Yes Ironing is not a problem. In fact, we encourage you to iron at a low to mild temperature setting after washing and drying to re enable the stain repellent finish of the garment.

Is the technology safe?

Our technology does not contain any nanoparticles, or harmful chemicals that can leach into your skin. Testing under stringent conditions at Resil Labs.

Are Turms garments anti-microbial?

We cannot and do not make the claim that our apparel are "anti-bacterial". However, our apparel do not absorb and retain many microbes found in human sweat, which cause garments - including most synthetic active wear - to retain odor. This is why you can wear Turms apparel for days on end and it will still smell fresh.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

We will gladly exchange an item within 15 days after your package is delivered. Don’t worry, your return is taken care by us.

Who is responsible for Duties and Taxes?

Some states have duties such as Octroi and other such taxes. When making your purchase your tax amount to be paid is included in your purchase and is shown on the checkout page.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

We do not offer expedited shipping as a checkout option.