Combo retex policy

  1. A product in a combo offer can only be exchanged for the same product.
  2. Partial exchange is allowed. It is not mandatory to exchange all products of the combo offer.
  3. Partial return, ie, individual return of a product in the combo is possible. If out of a combo offer of n products, you return any one product, then the combo offer will be broken and you will not get the full MRP of the first product as a refund. For every subsequent product returned, you will be refunded the amount the individual product was worth at the time of purchase after adjusting for applied discounts and TurmsCash.
  4. Returning all n products will mean that you will be refunded the full amount you had paid during purchase.
  5. Please examine the following schema to understand the refund process. In case of queries, please contact our customer support team who will be happy to help you out.
Product Name Individual Price Combo Price
L1 P1
L2 P2 C
L3 P3

Product Returned (in order) Amount Refund Total Refund
L1 C - P2 - P3 C - P2 - P3
L2 P2 C - P3
L3 P3 C