Stylish Winter Outfits !!!

Game of Thrones might have been a letdown for many but you don’t have to let that general mood sink into your winter wardrobe too. The chilly fingers of the cold season typically bring out enough dull apparel to make an entire city look like it’s mourning. Let’s make your winter wear less of a disappointment than Season 8 to a GoT fan. Here are a few staples:


Perfected in military stables to keep fighter pilots warm back in the 40s, this jacket is the reigning king of versatile winter wear. It’s got enough retro to be a classic and enough celeb love to stay trendy. The easy recipe is pairing your bomber with slim jeans or joggers - keeping them out of the office and on the streets. To take it into work, get preppy and retro with trousers. To ensure it’s actually functional, choose Turms’ latest options with special warm-in technology that uses natural minerals to insulate the body, keeping your jacket lighter but warmer than usual.


Yes, we know ugly sweaters are a style now but unless you can pull it off intentionally - like at a Hallowe’en party or themed Christmas brunch, we’d advise against it. Your go-to should be a simple crewneck in premium fabric that you can work into the ground. If you’re looking for a bit more versatility, pick a ‘v’ neck that can sit equally comfortable over a shirt as it does under a suit - with enough space for your favourite tie to peep through. A Turms sweater pulls ahead of the flock with premium Merino wool that keeps you warm through cold weather, and cool through warmer climes. Try its wine and electric blue variants for a quick turn in your winter mood.



If there’s one style guaranteed to make you look like a guest at fashion week, it’s a black turtleneck under a blazer. Shrug off the outer layer, and you could swing some Steve Jobs style. You can keep it simple with some cuffed chinos, trousers or slim jeans, but we’d recommend you leave the New Balance sports shoes to the legacy of the late Apple CEO and opt for low-top Converse instead.

Puffer jacket

Just when you think winter is through comes a cold wave so severe you feel like moving cities. With a good puffer jacket, you’ll avoid rash, spur-of-the-moment decisions like these. You’ll want to go with one that avoids a Michelin man vibe. Turms uses its latest far-infrared fabrics that keep your body heat trapped within so you can brave a snow day with barely a twitch. If it’s one of those days when nature wants to turn everything into popsicles, slip a hoodie underneath. Otherwise, a thick t-shirt, your favourite jeans and some chic chukka boots will do the trick.



In a largely tropical nation, a dip in mercury below 26 degrees Centigrade turns sweatshirts into uniforms. For the style-savvy, this is could spell the death of everyday fashion statements. Fill your wardrobe with sweatshirts that speak to your personality. With exciting tones and fresh designs, Turms’ sweatshirts make winter styling a breeze, featuring light material that allows for layering without looking bulky, and insulating technology that keeps you warmer than usual. Sweatshirts are far less formal than the average sweater so leave these for casual dos, paired with joggers, jeans or shorts.



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