Summer in tropical India is most often pictured as permanently hot and sweltering. But there are, in fact, many places tucked away where temperatures will have your teeth clacking together quite involuntarily.

Which is why Turms doesn’t really wait for official seasons to launch ‘winterwear’.

We can almost guarantee that your current options bear the shade range of a moody monsoon sky. Or if you’d like to push it a bit, perhaps with a few earthy tones thrown in. But as the days get shorter and temperatures plummet, you’ll want something to lift your spirits.

So head over to Turms’ gorgeous cool weather collection for a range of styles that combines the colours of summer with the fabrics of winter.

Back in the day, folks wore dark colours in the dreary realms of winter to absorb as much heat from the sun as possible. But with today’s technology, that kind of reasoning doesn’t quite measure up. Turms has sewn together the best of natural and man-made fibres with innovative technology to offer clothing that keeps you snug while bringing an A-game to your style.



In just a few weeks, everyone will be reaching into the mouldy depths of their cupboards, turning up with dull clothes that look and smell like they ought to have disintegrated back there. With Turms, you’ll have none of that.

Our range of warm clothing offers anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-odour and anti-microbial properties while also being stain-repellent and managing moisture. You know, in case you run for the bus and end up sweating on your way to work.



So if the weather gets temperamental and warms up suddenly, you won’t be hot and soaked in sweat. Turms technology will keep you smelling fresh and clean too, by combating the growth of microbes that generate underarm stink bombs.

If the mercury swings the other way, you’re nice and toasty in gorgeous clothing featuring warm-in technology that uses your own body heat and upgraded fabric blends containing super-soft Merino wool and acrylic

From golden yellows and chilli reds to bottle greens and Moroccan blues, there’s a whole array of hues to help bring the colours of summer into the traditional bleak looks of winter. Choose from a range of quarter-zip sweaters in bright colours, patterned crew neck flat-knits and quilted hoodie jackets that will serve you beautifully from random autumnal gusts to bone-jarring winds from the mountains.

And if you’re a beach-loving, fun-in-the-sun person stuck in one of those offices where the air-conditioning is set to Tundra, you’ll have a vibrant wardrobe that speaks fashion and functional all through the year.


  • Anti-stain,anti-germ & anti-odour
  • Lively colours
  • Trendy styles
  • Premium natural & man-made fabrics


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