Let’s Keep Warm-In

Winter is...here! Steaming hot food, snuggly clothes to cuddle up in, even flaunt about (thank you athleisure). Just great! But, while all of it appears beckoning in the beginning of the season, winterwear itself ends up wearing your shoulders down due to the sheer weight, and before long you start yearning to shed them “comfy” layers. Surprisingly, winter clothes and the problems they bring along haven't changed in decades.

Now, we, at Turms were not so comfy with this. Is a perfect combination of comfort, warmth, and lightweight fabric too much to ask for? Well, maybe it was. But not anymore. Through our extensive research-driven study of modern clothing needs, we have always given you the most comfortable and stylish clothing options while incorporating pathbreaking modern technologies that took things to the next level. Whether it was the fine fabrics that brought some much needed cool comfort during summer’s sweltering days and nights, or the odour-free, antibacterial range for the soaking, dewey monsoons.


Indian winters, though short and harsh, are eagerly awaited by everyone. But since winterwear hasn’t

changed in decades, it’s a treat short-lived. And even sooner than you could say “winter nights ftw”, you’re just waiting to get done with it altogether coz of the heavy heavy bulk. Hence, the need of the hour at Turms was to not just help you keep it fashionable and shield you from the cold cold weather, but fundamentally change winterwear forever. It needed to let you breathe easy and feel light as a feather too, instead of getting buried under the heavy loads of woolens. Winters ought to be full-fledged fun after all. They deserve it.

With the mission clear before our eyes, and after extensive research, our research team swung into action. And out came Warm-In Tech!

What is it though?

Your body produces 100 watt of energy at any given time. Warm-In tech lets you use this energy, while lending next to zero weight to the clothing. An invisible, weightless layer of far-infrared emitting natural minerals insulating the body heat, generating warmth returning it back to the body. This returned energy increases local blood flow allowing your body to enhance recovery, improve athletic performance and promote a more restful sleep. (You can now recycle and enhance your energy.) Straight outta a sci-fi movie? You bet. Because it’s that important to keep you feeling warm and toasty in winter without needing bulky woollens.


What’s more? Because it is thinner than regular warm clothing, it provides added comfort and facilitates layering to compliment your style! Not to be discounted on safety and health, Warm-In tech has scored high in all industry standard tests. As a matter of fact, the technology behind our Warm-In tech has long been used across various wellness applications all over the world.

What makes things even more convenient is that Warm-In tech is super washable and does not wear out either as a result of domestic washing or through long wear. So, say no to wasting your money on new clothes every winter or dry-cleaning, and welcome this winter feeling light, warm, and fuzzy as you could possibly be!


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