Joggers That Ride The #WFH Style Wagon

Smack bang in the middle of 2020 and the lines between casual and office wear have almost blurred beyond recognition. Still, professionalism demands a certain class, and to avoid sliding down the rabbit hole, Turms is turning out its exciting range of joggers - the perfect style culture chameleon.

A stronger case could not be made for athleisure wear. And we’re not talking about sweatpants here - that’s relegated to the role of gym wear, quirky celebrity style or lightly active couch potato. Joggers hit the sweet spot with loungewear that’s stylish and comfortable.


Turms’ joggers seamlessly cover the wide expanse between exercise apparel and work from home style. Your Zoom call colleagues could catch a glimpse of your latest lower-half favourite and you wouldn’t have to double over in embarrassment. Instead, joggers are now pretty much office wear acceptable.

But Turms has a few aces up its sleeve. These ain’t your run-of-the-mill joggers. Their relaxed look is enhanced with special anti-odour and easy-dry treatment. This means less washing for more wearing and cool comfort even on warm days.

These trendy pants for your pipes are designed for the times. Its anti-germ feature keeps you protected from potentially life-disrupting microbes and smelly bacteria. Team this with Turms’ easy-cool tech that absorbs body heat on contact with moisture and you’ve got sweat-free style for every season.

We’d advise you to lay off the khaki in cotton and go for hues that can be paired more evenly across the board. Try charcoal, deep green, navy or grey to add just a little extra swerve to your current style. You wouldn’t want to surprise your social circle too much in the middle of a pandemic.


Stay snug for longer in Turms’ joggers thanks to their ultra-soft two-way stretch that promises a better fit and extra comfort. Understated details including ribs on the bottom hem, cut-and-sew work and pintucks on the knee offer a more refined impression.


As a style choice, joggers lend a younger vibe, so keep away from slip-on sneakers to avoid sharing the same look with your little nephew. Laces on shoes add an adult dimension, as do the super functional, multi-use pockets and zippers that only Turms’ joggers can give you.

If you’re looking at casual, style your joggers with a hoodie and clean sneakers. Dark colours go well here. Flash a bit of ankle with a pair of sneakers, and throw on a favourite t-shirt with a jacket to take you through hot-and-cold weather changes with ease.

And if you’re nipping into the office for a bit or heading out with friends, tuck a casual button-up shirt into your Turms’ joggers and you’ll be high on style, low on maintenance and set for any season.



  • Perfect WFH wear
  • Two-way stretch
  • Ultra-comfy & durable
  • Multi-use pockets & zippers
  • Anti-odour & anti-germ
  • Easy-cool & easy-dry


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