Winter wear

  • Canary Bordeaux

  • Colton

  • Ethan Green

  • Luke Blue

  • Xerxes Graphite

  • Canary Teal

  • Drozo Black

  • Canary Grey

  • Grayson Beige

  • Blue Moon

  • Zian Blocks

  • Wine Leon

  • Liam Black

  • Jude Olive

  • Kai Navy

Top Picks

  • Red Velvet

  • Zen

  • Terned Midnight

  • Raefet Navy

  • Drown Black

  • Grey Melange Rogger

  • Manhattan Red

  • Archer Charcoal

  • Casablanca

  • Raefet Green

  • Evening Storm

  • Charcoal Raffle

  • Indigo Jaspe

  • Satin Jet Black

  • Pure White



    The thought of spilling coffee, wine or having melting ice-cream ruin your clothes shouldn’t scare you anymore for our advanced hydrophobic nanotechnology has you covered.


    Clothes stink because of the bacteria that grow when your sweat soaks into the fabric. Our special silver-infused yarn prevents bacteria from breeding, thus keeping your clothes fresh, no matter how long you wear them.


    Superior stretch combines with timeless fashion to give you what you need: the room to keep your life moving.


    Our specialised weave and hydrophobic tech ensure that your clothes dry faster than regular ones. So, wash your Turms apparel when you must, and have clean, ready-to-wear clothes whenever you want!


    The fabric of these tees moves sweat away from your skin so that you don't have to worry about perspiration-related discomfort ever again.


    Your body temperature is maintained at consistently comfortable levels, even when you exert yourself.

  • Sol-Tech

    Beat the cold with technology that's powered by you. That's the secret behind Sol-Tech, a protective layer of natural minerals in the fabric of our winterwear, harnessing your body heat to generate warmth. Make life a warmer experience. 

  • Anti-Microbial

    Imagine a secret weapon that works round-the-clock, fighting off microbes and keeping you healthy. Our anti-microbial coating is embedded in the fabric of our clothing, combating the growth and spread of bacteria and other microorganisms. Do more, outdoors, worry-free


    Our clothes need less laundry than regular clothes because they get dirty less easily. Join us in our mission to save water and live sustainable.


    Best-in-class cotton combines with timeless silhouettes to give you ridiculously good-looking, insanely comfortable apparel.

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